Motivational Speaker

motivational speakerFrom the storyteller at the family kitchen table to anointed spiritual leaders and political statesmen, great speakers have motivated people throughout history. Elaine Bryant is part of that tradition. A passionate speaker whose contagious enthusiasm has motivated individuals, groups and large organizations, Elaine uses the wisdom gained from her life experience as an educator, executive, and entrepreneur as the foundation from which she shares her hard-won secrets and strategies to overcome any obstacle, gain freedom, experience joy, and destroy discouragement.

With confidence, credibility (a combination of likeability and expertise), enthusiasm, and a reputation for delivering the inspiration an audience needs, Elaine’s presentation style is energetic, captivating, stimulating, at times humorous. Elaine can take a group of people and make them feel… well, motivated and inspired to be and do more than they ever imagined themselves being and doing.

Friday Jul 12, 2024


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